"...All over the nations the tunes come alive, winner and looser
-we're all alike. No matter as truth ain't some great mysteries, we are fade in to

one world ....."

I Love Poem

Spiritual force is strongger than any material force that thought rule the world   

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This is me

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Purity is the essence of power Eternal love can only emerges from a pure hearth

The true staight path always feels unstraight

Observing inner sometimes not as easy as seeing beyond

A peaceful heart is crafted from a warful spirit















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Our  poem collection focuses on poems that are positive, romantic, and easy to understand. In addition to the work of famous poets, you will also find a number of poems unique to our web site. Our extensive library is easy to navigate and new poems a ire added every month.

When I seek more than I'm able--       When I write more than I've read--
When I act a bit unstable--
You'll keep a level head.

When the world is not worth living
And I fear more than I dread--
When no one cares for giving--
You'll keep a level head.

When I no longer can remember
One word I've ever said--
And my June becomes September--
You'll keep a level head.

When I grow tired and weary--                        
No one to see me fed--
When my words are trite and dreary--
You'll keep a level head.

But as long as I can love you--
And hold you close instead--
You'll never have a moment                   
To use your level head.

Robert E. Kogan










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